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Believe it or not, speeding causes around 30% of all automobile accidents. While most car accidents are minor fender benders, there are still many times when a crash leads to serious injuries or even fatalities. If you are injured in a car wreck, then you need to seek legal counsel immediately. You could be qualified to receive monetary compensation for the damage to your car along with payment for your injuries. Let’s take a look at some situations when you will need a New York car accident attorney by your side.

d982e6666dbd915aea45a42a4916a6cdFirst and foremost, when you are involved in a car accident, and you were at fault, you need to have a car accident attorney.  This is necessary whether you have insurance coverage or not.  The attorney will work to ensure that you are protected against any excessive damages.  This is extremely important if you do not have insurance.  Damages could cost you a great deal of money so it is always best to have an attorney representing you.

Next, if you believe that the other individual was at fault it will be very important to have an attorney to fight for you.  There may be times when there is more than two vehicles involved in the accident.  It can become very difficult to determine who was at fault.

This can be a lot easier if you have an attorney to go through all of the details for you.  He or she can fight for your rights and help you get what you deserve in the way of damages.  They understand the law and you will not have to worry about battling insurance companies on your own.

topeka_auto_accident_attorneysThose individuals that were injured in an accident should hire a car accident attorney.  The injuries that you have suffered from may not heal right away.  You may have ended up in the hospital, or you could be going through therapy.  These are very difficult situations to be in.  Because these cases can take a great deal of time to sort out it is important to have an attorney fighting for you.  They may be able to ensure that you are receiving partial payments for the injuries that you have suffered from.  When other medical expenses arise during the course of the case the attorney will be able to factor these in without any complications.  Just think about how difficult this would be for you to fight on your own.  Having an attorney on your side will simply make things easier for you.


If you have been in an accident, and you are not sure if you need an attorney or not, it is always best to discuss your case with someone.  The attorney will be able to help you determine if they believe you have a case or not.  Many times the consultations will be free so there is no reason to avoid making the call.  This is certainly a great way to protect yourself.

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